Our Story

MyCollegeTown helps college students find local deals, subleases, and items for sale within trusted campus communities.

We founded MyCollegeTown to solve problems that WE had in college. Too much stuff, not enough money, paying too much on food and rent… we all know the struggle

We started as MidTrade at the US Naval Academy in 2015. MidTrade was an instant hit with 1,000 students signing up in the first night, our website crashing all night long. We kept growing at Navy and expanded to new schools like Auburn and Ole Miss. For three years, we worked remotely from across the country to build our technology, brand, and campus presence. In 2018, our CTO began working full time and we embraced the new "MyCollegeTown" brand with the mission of helping college students build campus communities around safe and efficient commerce.

Over 10,000 students have used MyCollegeTown and our future is bright as we enter the Fall 2018 semester. We'll be growing our user-base, improving our product, and generating revenue. For students, we have more CollegeTown specials and happy hours available than ever before, with new ones available every week. Our Campus Trading Posts offer a convenient way for students to buy, sell, and trade with classmates and our Student Subleasing lets students find a place to live or offer a room to rent. Our app can save students thousands of dollars each year if used properly. We're excited to keep serving you every day.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas please feel free to email us directly at midtrade@midtrade.net, or send us a message on the contact form!